5Mil Drops 1st Mixtape “Need5Mil”

Watch Out Now…

A new upcoming artist that goes by the name 5Mil dropped his first mixtape on 4/20 titled “Need5mil”. The mixtape has 11 tracks, which includes his most popular tracks, “No Discount” and “Wet Paint” (available on all streaming platforms). If you want to listen to some music that just makes you get in the zone then this is it. In my opinion, he gives you that 2018 BG (original member of popular 90’s rap group Hot Boyz) but raps about art, fashion, and getting money.

You know how when some people listen to songs, they are listening to get a catchy Instagram caption for one of their photos? I must say 5Mil has quite a few Instagram caption quotes in his lyrics. With one of the lines being, “I’m tired of being broke. I want rich n**** problems.”

5mil is originally from Fort Pierce, Florida, but moved to Los Angeles in 2006. The Artrich rapper started putting out music mid 2016 and has released 2 EPs prior to this mixtape on his Sound Cloud since then. If you check out his videos on YouTube you can see the growth of his creativity in his visuals. I admire the young artist’s work ethic.

Check out the video to one of the tracks off “Need5Mil” down below. If you like what you see and want to keep up with the Artrich rapper follow him on social media under the name @need5mil

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