It was a hot day yesterday in the ABE, and things got even hotter when the ABE Rap Court Battles got underway at TakeOver Syndicate Studios. There was three battles scheduled for the night but the viewers only got to see only two due to an artist backing out! In a room of 60-75 people the battles started around 8:15PM-8:30PM. In the crowd were other local artists to show their support including J Capitol P, Phaze Wun, Lass Shellz, Nixon, DL Prime, EZ, Juelz Corleone, and many more.

First up was L-Kwon, who u may remember from the Tune2This cyphers VS. Blind Richie, who was apart of a previous ABE Rap Court Battle! Blind Richie went first as he took shots at J Capitol P and L-Kwon, exchanging bar after bar. L-Kwon went second, who put together some nice wordplay and schemes. The two artists continued to battle it out for 2 more rounds as each battle was scheduled for 3 rounds.

L-Kwon VS. Blind Richie

During the intermission between battles there was music provided by DJ Devious Taz. The spectators all headed outside the building to mingle amongst themselves. Bi Da Street Luva had the grill going with Hamburgers. After about an hour or so, the main event battle took place. As the room filled for a second time, to witness the next battle.

We had Allentown’s own Sticky Money VS. Kwesa The Artist representing the Bronx. The battle started off with a coin flip in which Sticky Money called heads. Upon losing the coin toss as it was Tails, Kwesa decided to let Sticky Money go first. Sticky Money delivered some of hard bars for Kwesa. Kwesa followed up with a couple bars before pulling out and putting on a kitchen apron. The kitchen apron was to represent how he was going to “cook” Sticky Money. Kwesa followed up with some ill kitchen schemes in the first round. There two artists went back and forth for another 2 rounds delivering hard bar after bar. With each round the bars got more aggressive and personal.

Sticky Money Vs. Kwesa The Artist

Overall, it was a good turn out for this event without any issues. The crowd was very responsive throughout both battles. The DJ did his thing to keep the event jumping between intermissions and during battles. Even after the event was over people were still outside mingling and having a good time. With many more battles coming soon, some which I’m not at liberty to discuss yet until their officially set. We here at Tune2This.com look forward to bringing you more heat from ABE Rap Court.

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