A Slim City, Full Dreams

Atown Slim hosts a chill listening party at Sportsman’s Cafe.

Appreciation is a two lane one way road where you have two parties who can possibly benefit each other. Both are equals, have a desire to be satisfied, have a particular determination and attention span that is limited.

A listening party is an event held by a musician to give a select group of people the opportunity to hear newly released or unreleased music. It is done to 1.) Get a perception of how it is received by the audience 2.) Give something special to a community of the most valuable supporters and 3.) To demonstrate value and measure it’s worth. Where these two subjects cross and how they flow together in the music industry is the ruler of where a successful journey begins.

Saturday night, February 6th, 2016, John Smith, who goes by the name of Atown Slim, opened his arms up to the people of Allentown in the back room of Sportsman’s Cafe to sample his new album Competition is Slim, produced by the Allentown record label El Chain. The party was hosted by Devon Pfeiffer of Sons of Allentown and it was changed from a $5 cover to free to lesson the completion. Aside of the Atown Slim merch table was a nice set of the very popular Sons of Allentown, “Straight out of Allentown” t-shirts and crewneck sweaters.Atown Slim

DJ booth behind and a fellow emcee by his side, Slim welcomed the crowd, the city, and the various other groups who made an appearance. In his opening, he put forward that even though this party is about him to him it meant much more than that. It meant taking this step to appreciate hard work from one to another and putting Allentown on the map in the music culture.

This praise and appreciative nature chaperoned the guests from the wall to the center floor and the energy erupted. The night was a head to head race. Slim VS the ever drunkening crowd VS the house speaker system on the brink of blowing out. After the whole album played out Slim and the crowd were side by side on the road of appreciation but Atown Slim hopes to merge onto that four lane highway.

Can he turn the crowd’s appreciation into dedication? Can he develop a relationship with these new found local supporters while continuing to gain relevance and popularity with the world of anxious music listeners. Sway doesn’t work very close with us, so we don’t have the answers, but why don’t you take a look at the recording of, our partner J Capitol P, live stream of the night.


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