Jay Buckxz "Still Got Product Vol. 2" Review


Buckxz does it again…Tune2This recently did a review for his mixtape “Still Got Product Vol. 1”, shortly after that his latest project “Still Got Product Vol. 2” was released just this past month. We must say you can definitely hear the progression in his music. Still Got Product Vol. 2 focuses on the music and Buckxz brings it to you from all angles. The instrumental choices are a perfect fit for this project as Buckxz shows off his versatility. One thing you will notice throughout this project is a lot of the hooks are catchy and has a real album feel after fully listening all the way through.

The mixtape starts off with a short skit as Buckxz is talking to the listeners. The skit leads into “A G Life” featuring singer Jhonal West, with a heavy bass line and smooth hook this track is definitely a good start for this mixtape. Throughout this project you’ll hear a lot of transitions between tracks for the clubs, the hood, and everyday listeners. Buckxz did a great job at balancing between them all while keeping that “Gangstaz Only” feel alive and well. This project ends with a collab between Buckxz and Vado in “Can’t Wait”, which is the perfect outro to this project.

Overall this mixtape is a vast improvement from “Still Got Product Vol. 1” as Buckxz focuses more on the music and featuring only one skit. The quality and instrumentals also improved which shows Buckxz is fully invested in his craft. His smooth delivery and flow make this project A1 for the local ABE rap scene and Buckxz never fails to impress us. He is well on his way to becoming a successful artist on a major level with the right moves. We’ll be on the look out his next project until then make sure y’all cop “Still Got Product Vol. 2”!

Stand Out Tracks:

A G Life Ft. Jhonal West, Pull Up, My Past, Unbound, No Lies, If I Want

Can’t Wait(Right Now) Ft. Vado

We give this project a 4.5 out of 5 rating based off lyrics, beat selection, quality, and content!

Download “Still Got Product Vol. 2” Here!

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