Da Brat Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

So So Def rapper Da Brat recently filed for bankruptcy after she totalled up debt worth over $7.7 million. You may remember Da Brat was the first female rapper to go Platinum with her debut alum, Funkadfied. She is currently a co-host on Dish Nation, which copious amounts of radio personalities.

The debt breaks down like this:
$6,400,000 is owed to former NFL cheerleader Shayla Stevens. She was struck with a bottle while in an Atlanta nightclub in 2007. Da Brat served 3 years in prison for the assault with left Stevens with facial scarring and neurological damage.
$1,255,128 is owed to Sony Music.
$12,000 Ally Bank.
$2,284 in credit card debt.
$2,284 is owed to the Georgia Department of Revenue.

There is also an undisclosed amount due to the IRS. It doesn’t look good for the former platinum rapper. She has assets which total just over $109k. Hopefully she gets back on track and takes this financial situation as a lesson.

David WBD Hein Jr

David WBD Hein Jr

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