Why after knowing you wanted to pursue a career in music go to a small, private, and christian school rather maybe a school where you know you could build more connections and opportunities?

The reason I’d say that I went to Westmont is because I kind of felt like I would drown in a big school. I wanted to be in a more intimate environment, and I wasn’t really into the party scene. I hated parties in high school and I didn’t drink in high school. I just didn’t want to be around that and I didn’t want to be in the frat kind of lifestyle. I just felt like I wouldn’t really thrive there. My faith is important to me so that also was part of the decision, but I definitely at one point during my sophomore year felt like maybe I had made a mistake going to such a small school. Especially a school like that, because I did sometimes feel like an outcast because things that I was into wasn’t necessarily the Westmont normal. There wasn’t a lot of kids that loved hip hop, streetwear wear, or any of this kind of “hypebeast” type of culture at that school. People were more of the Mumford and Sons fans. There was definitely a point where I would wonder to myself that maybe I should transfer to another school, but I’m also very thankful for going to Westmont because it was an intimate environment where I was able to make awesome relationships. I have tons of friends from school who are all a support system and I don’t know if I would have had that same experience at a bigger school. A lot of my friends at those larger schools don’t necessarily have that solid of a friend group, at least like I am able to have.

You seem to have a naturally artistic mind and talents outside of music, how far do you want to take your creative facet?

I’m interested in creating any kind of creative outlet that I can. Whether that’s music, film, art, or fashion. Fashion is definitely something I’ve always been interested in doing, but I just don’t have the resources to pursue it at the level I want to. I’m actually designing an app right now for a client of mine, so that’s pretty cool.

Who came up with the concept for “Self Portrait”?

I did. It actually started as a project that I had to do for my senior art class at Westmont. Basically we had to come up with this final art thesis project and I just came to my professors and said “hey I’m going to do a film.” They kind of looked at me like I was crazy and one of my professor asked me if I’ve ever done a film before. I hadn’t, so he was pretty skeptical about it and didn’t think that I could pull it off. I really just wanted to do it as a way to combine who I was as a visual artist with who I was as  a musician. I felt like doing a film was the best way to combine those worlds and create this environment that really reflected me in the truest form. That’s where that concept came from.

It’s obvious that you pull inspiration from Kanye. Do you think the album “Waves” (formally known as Swish) will in the words of Kanye “not be the album of the year, but the album of life”?

I definitely got hype when he said that. I just I think that level of confidence is what makes Kanye the great artist that he is. I don’t know if I can say it’s going to the album of the life because I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of great albums after this, but I think it’s definitely going to be an awesome album. I’m looking forward to it.

You’re not crazy involved on social media like most artists nowadays. How are you continuing to build your fan base?

That’s not by design. I just suck at social media, and I wish I was better at it because I see a lot of kids out there just killing it. I think my goal right now its just put out the best content that I can, and hope that propels me further.

I see you’re into the BAPE brand. Any new brands out there that you’re rocking with?

I love Bape. Love Bape. Ever since I started seeing Pharrell rock it when I was in eighth grade, I knew that I had to have that. I don’t know why I was so drawn to it, but I love Bape. As far as new brands, there’s not really any new brands that I necessarily have my eyes on. I’ve been wearing whatever recently. I’ve just been rocking classics and anything good that comes out really.

Lastly, what is the end all goal for you? There’s so many paths you could be leaning towards beyond music.

I really want to flourish as an artist and producer. That’s my main goal. Beyond that, I’ve been toying with this idea that I’ve been bouncing off with some of my friends about eventually starting our own creative firm. I just want to be doing awesome projects all the time. I think it would be sick to have a creative space that’s super aesthetically put together or where we could just vibe out and make awesome content for people. Even if I’m doing makeup commercials, but just doing the sickest makeup commercial that you could do. I want something like Milk Studios, any sort of creative agency like that. I think eventually it’d be fun to just run that. I just want to always be creating, and I think that there isn’t necessarily an end goal. The end goal is to just continue to create at the highest level that I can and to continue to push myself as an artist.

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