The Tune2This Team Joins the IN Crowd

On a Saturday night, what better way is there to have a great night than with a large amount of well dressed, driven, intelligent, and social group of people in the VIP section of the area’s largest bar and nightclub?

Crowd In Magazine

The Tune2This team was invited to join the celebration and cover the happenings of the event.

In the lead up to the event the hosts promoted on an hourly basis with details of what to expect and of giveaways.  Darnell G. Davis, Marisa Grier and Jeff Levy kept the event in the conscience of the attending persons with interesting photos and stories of their many months of pavement pounding execution.

With an event of this size at The Vision Bar, at the Bethlehem Sands Casino Event Center, there are bound to be some hiccups but none of them were enough to weigh against how much untold spark there was.  As our crew came to the door we were not on the list, and a surly middle aged man made very difficult to get VIP access.  Moments later Darnell straightens things out and accompanied us to the rest of the guests.  The section was well laid out with plenty of lounge space, a view of the entire facility and there were positive vibes flowing from the end to end.  For the vision impaired (pun intended), it was not the best opportunity to meet new people. The club management had turned out most of the lights. I am not sure if this is a common VIP treatment but I know by the response of the hosts that it was not planned. The loud music and previously mentioned conditions made it difficult to frame shots and conduct video interviews. We attempted to interview a few designers/business owners but the footage is almost useless (We may release the audio on our SoundCloud) . At the end of the night there was also some confusion with the mention of a “swag bag” containing a print copy of the launch magazine and other goodies. I and my partner received a brown bag from a young man and inside was business cards, and a few outlet coupons and a vial of pretty pleasant perfume. It was very loud and when I asked him about it he didn’t hear me and I  didn’t hear him and we both proceeded to head nod and carry-on.

We weren’t prepared for the conditions of this venue and after midnight we scattered our own ways but it was a terrific time and we met some bright people.  Shout out to gentlemen at who spoke to us about there idea to create a platform for the youth of the community to vocalize and create the next generation of style.  Another to Jana and Marisol Nieves of Bel Bete and Bel Bijoux for their kindness and patience with our video interview and another to Valencia Grimes owner of Enchanted Kisses for her down to Earth, authentic personality.

It was a smooth transition throughout the night from the hustle and bustle of getting everything right, to just enjoying each other’s company and taking selfies with each other in front of the huge IN Magazine banner by the DJ stage.  After conceiving new unexpected business relationships, it was off to the dance floor to close out the night and give birth to the pages of the future.

A quote from my Uncle Johnny Maldonado, “Success is inevitable if you have your heart in it. You may have hurdles, you may fail at times but if you have a goal and put your heart into it then you will be successful.”

Below is some more pictures to highlight the events throughout the night.

All Photos Are Credited To Kush @Neatfoto

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