Is It Okay for Other Nationalities to Use the “N Word”?

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Lately, there has been a lot of controversy with rappers and people of other races using the ” n word ” so loosely. Some people of the black community have stepped up to say “it is NOT ok.” But the debate still seems to linger. Why isn’t it ok to use the word if it’s in almost every rap song out today? Is it okay if the word is used while only singing along to a song?

Recently, upcoming rapper, Tekashi69 dropped a new song titled “Gummo”. In the song, he uses the “n word” quite often. And let’s just say this video has caused an uproar due to the fact he used the word in his song not one time, but more than 5x.

Check out the video for yourself.

People have stepped up questioning his ethnicity, asking if he is mixed with black or if he is just full blown Caucasian. A lot of people said he is Mexican, a latin decent and latins find themselves to be apart of the black culture despite the fact they’re not black. So the question still remains, is it okay? Is it okay for Mexicans, Dominicans, Asians, etc to use the word “n****? ”

We asked a Caucasian man what did he think about Tekashi69 using the word so much in his video and his response was funny but very contradicting, ” I use the word but not in a music video. ” So basically it’s okay for him to use it in public, around people he is cool with but it’s not okay to use it in a music video for the whole world to know about.

I personally believe that you can not fault other people for using the word so freely when it is allowed by our own people to be in songs, movies and books. America is the only place that allows that cruel and nasty word to be used as a sign of endearment. I have never heard a Latin, Asian, or White song that uses racial identifying words in their music to show brother hood or endearment to another person. Just because you hear it being used by other people doesn’t mean you should too. Monkey see monkey do is not okay. Especially when it comes to racial words or comments.

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