Jay Buckxz "Still Got Product Volume 1" Review

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Tune2This got there hands on Jay Buckxz “Still Got Product Volume: 1” mixtape over the weekend. This project is versatile and brings a fresh sound from what we are use to hearing in the ABE. The mixtape features many soulful samples, club and trap tracks. The mixtape features many freestyles over Industry beats from Mobb Deep, Jay-Z, Big L, Notorious Big, Vado, And Big Tymers. This mixtape doesn’t lack creativity or originality and keeps up with his movement “Gangstaz Only”. The tracks on this project are relatable to anyone who been thru the struggle of growing up in the inner city. Jay Buckxz brings us back to the gritty and grimy 90s hip hop/rap feel with Still Got Product Vol. 1!” With many opening quotes and inserts in the beginning and middle of tracks from various Movies, adds a creative touch to this project.

Below Are The Top 10 Tracks That Stood Out To Us On “Still Got Product Volume 1”:

Want Me Back

The mixtape opens it up to Want Me Back a smooth sample beat from Dionne Warwick “You’re Gonna Need Me” later used by Usher, and Fabolous. Buckxz discusses the many struggles of his own as well as the streets on this soulful opening track. Jay Buckxz opens listeners up to his world which very few artists won’t do which makes this a stand out track.


Cream freestyle works its way back to the origins of 90s Hip Hop as Jay Buckxz freestyles over Wu Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.” His smooth flow and raw, gritty lyrics make this a stand out freestyle on this project. Definitely good to hear a artist’s utilize and embrace classic Hip Hop instrumentals.

All Get Right

This track has yet another soulful feel in which Buckxz explains how he wants it all and won’t stop until he gets what he wants. He covers how he has everything he wanted as a youth and how we can all get right. Flow and delievery were A1 which made this a raw stand out track.

Pay Me Ft. Jay West

Pay Me opens up to Paid In Full movie scene and continues throughout the song. The track features R&B artist Jay West and has a Rap meets R&B feel. The song content is based on Jay Buckxz love for money and his chase to get it. With a smooth hook from Jay West, the overall party/club feel of this track make this a stand out track. Below Is The Video For This Track!

Nothing Like Me

This track originally produced by an upcoming Kanye West and was used on Beanie Sigel “Nothing Like It” track has yet another soulful feel. Jay Buckxz discusses his struggle coming up as a youth and his continued struggle to this day. This track has a different feel then what are accustomed to from other local artists. Buckxz opened up on this track and wasn’t afraid to let you into his world which make this a stand out track.

Come Home With Me

Come Home With Me features a raw gritty sample where Buckxz introduced you to his environment. He paints a picture of his hometown and life in the streets. An environment that is flooded with Money, Drugs, Hoes, And Death. You can feel the emotion in this track that Gangstaz can relate too. Track falls in line perfectly with Jay Buckxz movement “Gangstaz Only” which make this a stand out track.

Everything I Love

Dark Piano keys and Deep 808 bass make up this Trap beat feel that fits perfectly with the content of this track. Buckxz discusses everything that he loves including Money. The Track features Jay Buckxz upcoming from nothing to something. The hook is catchy and flow rides the beat which make this a stand out track.

Love No Bitch

Buckxz expresses his love for the money over a bitch. The track features a smooth catchy hook to compliment his smooth flow and precious delivery on the beat. This track is very relate-able to anyone who prefers money over love which makes this a stand out track.

Big L Freestyle

One of many freestyles on this project. The instrumental from Milkbone- Keep It Real later used by Big L & Jay-Z back in a 1995 Freestyle. Buckxz delivery and flow is refreshing as it has that old school feel to compliment the throwback instrumental. Buckxz goes as hard as the original artists in which makes this a stand out track.

Hood Grammy’s

Hood Grammy’s is yet another soulful track in which, Buckxz discusses the death of his Mother, and his father who was not the picture. He even brings his kids into this track and how he wants them to succeed. The track is short at only 2:25, we would of definitely loved it to of been longer. This track yet again brings out another side of Jay Buckxz which many artist are too afraid of doing that makes this a stand out track.

Overall this is a solid project from Jay Buckxz and we look forward to hearing more from this upcoming artist. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, we here at Tune2This.com suggest you get your copy today. Just keep in mind this is for “Gangstaz Only”!

We give this project a 4 out of 5 rating based off lyrics, beat selection, quality, and content!

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