Joe Budden Lands New Deal With REVOLT TV


Joe Budden who left Complex’s Everyday Struggle show late last year, had been hearing offers from different companies. One of those companies was REVOLT, who Budden recently accepted an offer from them. Budden will host and produce a new show titles “State of the Culture.” It has a scheduled release date of summer 2018.

There had been many speculations about Joe Budden joining the “Diddy” owned company. With so many rumors spirling about a $5 million dollar deal with REVOLT TV last year. It seems Budden came around to the deal and can’t wait to get started. During a press release Joe stated, “It was important to partner with a company that recognizes the growing need for our voices and ideas to stream freely without interruption. That was a much prettier way to say, we bout to be with the shits.” “Thank you to my business partner Ian Schwartzman and REVOLT for the opportunity to highlight my brutal honesty, passion and integrity. I love REVOLTING!! Together, we will continue to take this thing to heights unseen.”

A short clip was posted on Joe Budden’s Instagram previewing the show, check it out below.

David WBD Hein Jr

David WBD Hein Jr

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