The Best Rapper Alive…

Last night Young Money’s own Lil Wayne stopped in Bethlehem, PA for his “The Dedication Tour”. The tour is dedicated to his fans who stuck with him his whole music career of 20 years, in which he’s had a total of 109 Billboard 100 songs. Along with Wayne were opening acts S-8ighty and Rae Sremmurd. Both opening acts brought the perfect energy needed for Lil Wayne to hit the stage in front of 3,200+ people in attendance.

The event opened its doors around 5:30pm into Vision Nightclub which is within the Sands Bethlehem Event Center. Tune2This and We L!ive T.V. got there around 6:30 grabbed our Press/Media Credentials from the Box Office, only to stand in a long line out in the cold rain. Once we got inside there was hundreds of people scattered between the bar at Vision Nightclub and the stage area.

Tickets for the event went for $60 which was General Admission and $95 for VIP which included free drinks and preferred seating in the upper level of the venue. Being it was Tune2This first time at this venue, I must say its very well put together. The general admission is open in the center, and there was an upper left and right side, followed by an upper level for the VIP. Security was right and scattered throughout the venue. Luckily the only mishaps that we witnessed were highly intoxicated on goers who were escorted out and only 2 people who passed out while waiting for the Main Event(Lil Wayne).

The first performer up was S-8ighty who got up on stage and performed a total of 10 minutes. Of his 10 minute performance, 5 minutes went to his DJ who kept the crowd hype just before S-8ighty performed 2 songs with the other remaining 5 minutes. Behind him was this huge backdrop of the artist. Below is some pictures of his performance.

After a brief intermission of 10-15 minutes, down came S-8ighty’s backdrop. Behind it was a bright yellow backdrop with a big RED nameRae Sremmurd” was revealed. That’s when the crowd went crazy. Their DJ hyped up the crowd just before the rappers hit the stage. They brought this crazy energy that the crowd followed during their entire performance.

The young group who performed a total of 35 minutes, started things off with their platinum record “No Flex Zone“, later followed by “My X”, “Come Get Her”, “Blasé” which features Ty Dolla Sign, but not before closing their performance out with its latest platinum hit “No Types.”

There was another intermission this time a little longer 30+ minutes. The reason behind the delay the venue was still trying to get people through the doors to enjoy the show. A video backdrop was placed on the stage to prep for Lil Wayne’s big performance. Then around 8:45pm the room went completely dark as Lil Wayne’s DJ talked to the crowd. In a one of two part set Lil Wayne took the stage behind a 3 man band. The crowd erupted as Wayne rocking neon green sneakers and a grey hoodie talked to the crowd. He opened the show with “Mr.Carter“, which also features Jay-Z. He followed up with many of his platinum hits back to back, each growing the internsity on stage and the crowd.  Just a couple songs into his performance the hoodie was off as well as his T-Shirt, as Wayne run around the stage.

Wayne stopped the show and told the crowd, “Can we all agree on one fact,” the rapper said.

"It ain’t a motherfucking song if it doesn’t say ‘feat. Lil Wayne.’at the end "

He followed that statement with his numerous collab tracks “Used To” featuring Drake; “Karate Chop” featuring Future; “Only” his platinum hit with Nicki Minaj; “HYFR” his gold hit featuring Drake; and “The Motto” his double-platinum hit feature Drake.

“I told you it wasn’t a song, if I was on the motherfucker,”

Weezy performed just 22 songs before taking a brief intermission. During which time his DJ played music to the crowd with featured many classic hip hop hits. One notable track played was Meek MillI’m A Boss“, which was immediately followed up by “Back To Back” from Toronto rapper Drake. Man, Meek can’t catch a break not even in Bethlehem, PA.

After about 20 minute Lil Wayne returned to the stage to wearing black chuck’s, black shorts, and a camo fitted. He resumed the show with “Go DJ”, “Hustler Musik”, “Leather So Soft”, “Mrs. Officer”, and more. He also performed “Every Girl In The World“, in which he brought out Mack Maine to assist. That was just one of the many special guest that came to the stage. Other artists such as Jae Millz, Gutta Gutta, Lil Twist, and Baby E who is featured on “Finessinblessed the stage last night.

During the show he talked to the crowed a little bit saying…

“I’m going to be telling myself I’m the best rapper out there...and if I ain’t your favorite rapper, fuck it”.

He then proceed back to his mixtape days in which he performed hits from all his mixtape series such as “The Dedication”,”Sorry For The Wait”, “No Ceilings”, and more. During his mixtape series set the video drop featured a college of all his mixtape covers.
Throughout the show Lil Wayne made references to WEED during his performance. He even opened his performance smoking a blunt, and had many blunts already rolled and ready to go during his entire performance. The venue which was already filled with a mixture scent of weed, cigarettes, and spilled alcohol. The floors were wet from all the alcohol cups on the floors.  Late in the show Lil Wayne said to the crowd…

 "I see the smoke in the air. We don’t have no foggers on stage, so that’s y’all!"

When the opening notes from “Lolipop” poured thru the sound system, the crowd went crazy. Wayne proceeded to close the show with another set of hits, with the likes of “Drop the World” followed by “Mirrors”. Lil’ Wayne said…

“The show ain’t fucking over!”

as he slammed the mic stand onto the stage. Which was followed up his smash hit “A Milli” He followed up with “Truffle Butter” his hit feature with Nicki Minaj. He continued with “Steady Mobbin” which brought an intensity to the room just before he finished with “No Worries”. During the finishing set every special guest was on stage to rock out with Weezy.

Overall, this was an amazing show in which it was nearly sold out. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Sands decided to add more Hip Hop acts to their ever growing list of artists to perform at Sands. We enjoyed ourselves at this event and as seen on many social media feeds so did the concert goers who were in the building. Lil Wayne and Rae Sermmurd definitely brought it last night as he kept the energy in the room alive.

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