Nicki Minaj Claims She’ll Never Use A Ghostwriter

Do It On My Own…

There is always going to be the talks of your favorite rappers and ghostwriters. The topic of ghostwriters has been revived thanks to the Drake and Pusha T beef. One artist, Nicki Minaj made claims she doesn’t need help writing. Recently, Nicki took to Twitter with an instagram post she posted denying claims of other artists writing her verse on “Big Bank”.

“Someone [really] just asked if Eminem wrote my verse,” she wrote. “Thank you @yg for checking him. He deleted it with the quickness. All the REAL rappers in the game know & give me my props. Y’all try to take away everything from women. But just know: even when it’s no longer ‘trendy’ to write ur raps I will always write my own!!! Even if it means not being able to drop as frequent as I want to, I will never go out like that!!! I’m proud of my brain. I hold my own with all the men in this game. It’s sad y’all always try to take away my accomplishments. But anyway, I love & respect these 3 so much. #Queen is on its way. August 10th.”

Nicki has made headlines recently for a report she is supposedly dating Eminem. The two have been trolling fans ever since. Ghostwriting accusations for Nicki Minaj as been brought up in the past. Her former boyfriend Safaree Samuels notably claimed to write for her. Nicki is working on her upcoming release for Queen that was pushed back from a release date of June 15. Its scheduled for August 10th, question is will we see any other writer credits other then Nick’s?


David WBD Hein Jr

David WBD Hein Jr

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