RUN DMC at Musikfest


Just this past weekend, Run DMC who have been going strong for just over 30 years hit the Sands Steel Stacks Stage. The two MCs Daryl “DMC” McDaniels and Rev Run sounded just as they would have when they started off. The crowd which was just over 3,800 people, showed just how diverse their fan base is.

The group performance lasted just 55 minutes which was about 13 songs. With ticket prices anywhere from $49-$89 some could have expected lengthier of a performance. Majority of the show was Rev Run talking and interacting with the crowd. And a special 12 minute tribute to the late Jam Master Jay by both his sons; Jayson and TJ Mizell. That means Run DMC performed around 35 minutes.


Run DMC opened the show to shorter versions of “Rock Box” and “Sucker MCs”. Followed was earlier hits on the duo before another brief talking intermission from Rev Run. During which Run gave a short freestyle rap that converted into a beat-box demonstration. Only later to do a three-minute beat-box session in which he mentioned the loss of the art.

“Rappers these days don’t even do beat box,” he said. “I can’t even imagine it. Can you imagine Drake doing the beat box?”

During Rev’s other talking parts, he gave away his hat to the crowd. He even autographed it. The winner was selected after a “Cheering Contest” on who was the loudest. Ladies and the “Homeboys”. Ultimately the hat was given to a young female fan. The group performed their hits such as “It’s Like That”, “It’s Tricky” which sounded much more aggressive than it did back in 1986, “Here We Go” sound had more of an edge, “Mary Mary” which was performed with a lot of intensity.

The show overall was reminiscent of the elements of Hip Hop that were so good but have faded. “Down With The King” had amazing DJ scratching, and the cowbell which was a staple on old school records such as “Peter Piper” stood out Saturday night. Run DMC’s lyrics and delivery is what made them so good, and it showed.

Their performance ended with big hits such as “You Be Illin”, “My Adidas”, and the final song “Walk This Way”. Walk This Way was the track that bridged the gap between rap/hip hop and rock and roll. They opened the doors to allow Hip Hop to be what it is today.

Rev spoke to the crown one last night and stated “This is a delicacy, Run DMC only plays like once a year.”

Rev Run threw the mic in the air and the lights were cut as they exited the stage and left in a stretch limo. It was definitely a night to remember and to see one of the legends made the event even better. It’s good to see that at 50+ years old that their music and performances hold up to this day.

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