Harlem, NY Hip Hop artist She Real spoke with the Tune2This team earlier this week. In our discussion she talks about winning at numerous showcases, her trip to perform in Paris, the concept for her recent video “Zombieland” and much more. Check it all out below.

Tune2This: You have won numerous prizes at Showcases, and Competitions. Can you tell us what you do to prepare for such an event? What mindset do you get in before any event?

She Real: The main thing I always do is pray. I thank God for everything and listen to whatever he has to say to me, and then focus on getting my mind right. I have to mentally tell myself this is Madison Square Garden. This is my show. I came to kill.

Tune2This: Last year you were featured in an article, in the XXL Freshman Class edition. How was that moment for you? Will we see She Real on the cover of a future XXL Freshman Class?

She Real: That moment was huge. Its a great feeling to know hard work pays off. I just know I have a lot of work to do so I can consistently be a feature and one day make the cover.

Tune2This: Between rocking stages, and killing cyphers, what do you like to do when your not making music?

She Real: Spend time with loved ones. Family, friends, etc. Recently I went bowling, to a comedy club, and a paint night. Everyone calls me “stranger” because I’m always working. I also have a day job, so I try to get in as much time as I can when I’m free.

Tune2This: Last year you were at the A3C Festival in Atlanta, was that your first time there? Walk us through your experience there…

She Real: Yes it was my first time at A3C. I went to attend the Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta, but they were at night, so I spent the day walking around asking different people about free events. I ended up trying to get a little sight seeing in when I found out a lot of events required a pass. I tried to find this famous church in Atlanta, and stumbled upon a group going to shoot a cypher. Tagged along, networked, I spit for the director and they let me be in it. It was a blessing.

Tune2This: You traveled to Paris last year to perform, how was the vibe for you out there? Does it compare to the US?

She Real: The vibe was amazing. Shoutout to Garry and the “Ready or Not” competition for having me. They really love and appreciate the culture out there. No negative bullshit, just fun. Even the after party was crazy. Felt like a “House Party” movie! Everyone could dance. No twerking or dubbing, really dance. The DJ played everything 90’s, 2000’s, till today. I just kept saying “I wish we moved like that in NY.”

Tune2This: You have features with mainstream artist as well as underground artist. Which artist was your favorite to work with? And what is your dream collab?

She Real: My favorite so far is Loaded Lux. He is such a laid back, humble,and respectful dude. For that to be your character and also be that talented is a beautiful thing. He collaborated with an me, an up and coming artist, knowing he didn’t have to. No one owes you anything. I am forever grateful.

My dream collaboration, out of the artists that are still living, would probably be Kanye West. It’s something about his production, his character, what he’s capable of delivering on a song. I think he’s a genius. I believe we would make hits. I’m super big on emotion and his level of passion for his art is on another level.

There are so many others I’d love to work with and learn from. Everything in me wants Jay-Z and Beyonce to take me under their wing as a team. Only God knows what’s meant for me though.
Might sound crazy but I sometimes think about how cool it will be to sing with Michael Jackson in heaven lol. He’s the man forever in my eyes. I just want to be the best, work with the best and make music that is timeless . Whoever can help me do that…I’m down.

Tune2This: We came across your video for the song “Zombieland”, the video is unique and has a real hip hop feel. Can you describe the vision behind that track from the beat, lyrics, and video?

She Real: I was watching a movie “Night Catches Us” ˚starring Kerry Washington, which depicted a moment during the black power movement with the black panthers. The song “Is it because Im black” by Syl Johnson came on during a scene. I was immediately inspired. Wrote to the instrumental that very minute, which resulted in “Zombieland”.

Harlem, NY has a strip on Lexington Ave that is flooded with heroine and crack addicts that look so strung out its sad. People joke about that area being “Zombieland”. I wrote a song about it, and shot a video with the incredibly talented Taya Simmons. I feel like we all know whats going on but we aren’t doing anything about it. Helping the people that need help. Its important to have real conversations sometimes so we can progress as a people.

Tune2This: Do you have any projects in the works currently?

She Real: Always, but I only reveal things at the right time. Just stay tuned. “Real Hip Hop Still Exists 3” coming soon. For now check out my last 4 mixtapes on Sherealtalk.com

Tune2This: What can we expect from SheReal in 2016?

She Real: More music, more visuals, more live shows. Every update is on my website Sherealtalk.com

Tune2This: Where Can people find you and your Music?

She Real:




Official Website: Sherealtalk.com

Tune2This: Thank you for your time, any last shoutouts?

She Real: Thank you to everyone that supports me. Friends, family, my team, and the fans. I work hard and love what I do, so I appreciate any and all that take the time to assist in making my dream a reality. Also, thank you to you guys for the interview. It means a lot to be recognized.


Also check out her latest video “Bodega” below.

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