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Tune2This Founder David “WBD” Hein Jr. Has Reached Out To Tito Lo Who Actively Supports Tune2This As Much As We Support Him, To See What He Has Been Up Too Lately. In This Interview He Discussed The Emmett Trill EP, Recent Events In Baltimore, Life After Capitol Records, And Much More. Tune In Below To Hear What Tito Lo Had To Say……

Tune2This: With The Release Of “The Emmett Trill EP” Project In March, What’s Next On The Lineup For You And GPT Entertainment?

Tito Lo: Honestly, idk at the moment. We’re making a lot of changes but at the same time staying the same. First off, I’m professionally just going by “Tito Lo” now. I think by now they know what the ‘LO” is short for. I plan on dropping at least two more projects this year solo wise. I’m working on them now. And I’ve been spreading my voice to every Mississippi artist I can for the last year or so. My group mates SiNCERE and Jaamel are still working they’ve got albums out now and coming out (Rude Awakening and look out for Suicide Door-Musick). And we’re gonna come back together as the GPT Boys, how we started, and probably drop a group project or compilation. As far as the whole camp we’ve just been expanding beyond music it’s a family. My boy Bidduhh Films is shooting videos for everybody you could name. It’s all GPT. GOD PICKED THEM. So just stay tuned is the best advice.

Tune2This: With Any Upcoming Projects Your Working On Are There Any Producers/Artists You Would Like To Include That You May Have Not Of Worked With Yet?

Tito Lo: I’m pretty much working with everyone I want to. Big name and small name it’s all the same to me. Whoever vibes with me and whoever wants to be down can be down. Having already worked with Dr. Dre and the Dungeon Family, I’m not really stressing nothing like that.

Tune2This: Is There A Tour Planned For The Near Future? Where’s One Place You Would Like To Perform That You Haven’t Had A Chance To Yet?

Tito Lo: I don’t have a tour planned at the moment. And as far as places, probably Africa and Australia are the only places I’m anxious to perform at.

Tune2This: Since We Last Spoke, You Got Involved With Pure Product Clothing? Can You Tell Us More On How That Came About? And Tell Us A Little More About What It Represents?

Tito Lo: Pure Product is a venture that me and some close friends came up with. It’s really more of a movement and mission statement than a clothing line. Everything I do is family related and we all have the same vision as far as staying true to yourself, and keeping your integrity. That’s basically what being Pure is and we try to lead by example. Everyone I believe wants to be PURE.

Tune2This: With More And More Mainstream Artists Wanting To Be Independent And Your Contract Ending With Capitol Records, Do You Feel You Will Achieve More Being An Independent Artist Verses Being Signed To A Major Label?

Tito Lo: Absolutely. I’m free. Nuff said

Tune2This: Being Your From A Small City In Mississippi And Every Major State/City(Chicago, Atlanta) Has There Time Of Artists Becoming Established In The Industry, Do You Feel Mississippi Will Get That Same Chance As The Other Major States/Cities?

Tito Lo: I guarantee it, because me and others are personally on the mission to make that happen.

Tune2This: Music Artists Such As Yourself, Who Can Project There Voice/Music To Capture There Millions Of Listeners And The Events Going On In Baltimore From The Peaceful Protests To The Younger Generation Acting Out. What Are Your Thoughts On Everything That Had Taken Place? Do You Feel The Media Covered The Fact Of Events Accurately?

Tito Lo: I believe it’s all the same as it has been. Whether I have a voice or not, they will keep killing black folks, and will keep misrepresenting us. Riots are nothing new it’s a sign of the times. Those are my thoughts on it.

Tune2This: We Here At Tune2This Would Like To Know What’s In Your Current Music Playlist On Any Format? Who Do You Actively Listen To On A Daily Basis?

Tito Lo: Mississippi artists like David Banner, Big Sant and Big Krit, Tricky LT, Dolla Black, Coke Bumaye, myself, and old school.

Tune2This: Most Know You’re Very Active On Social Media, When Do You Find The Time To Personally Respond To All Tweets You Receive From Fans And Supporters?

Tito Lo: I’m actually not very active on social media. I only really use Twitter the most I’m lightweight on Instagram. And when I’m tweet i’m just thinking out loud or putting out some positive energy.

Tune2This: We Always Appreciate You Taking Time Out For Us. You Have Always Been One Of The Most Humble Artists We’ve Had The Pleasure Of Working With. Tune2This Will Support You 110% Throughout Your Career. With That Said, Do You Have Any Last Shout Outs You Would Like To Give?

Tito Lo: S/O to everyone staying true to themselves, all of Mississippi, and praise GOD. Blessings.

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Watch As Tito Lo Promotes “The Emmett Trill EP” Below…

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