Tito Lopez Interview

Tune2This.com Caught Up With Underdog Tito Lopez To See Just What He’s Been Up Too! Here’s A Look At What He Had To Say!

Tune2This:  What projects are you currently working on? How do you make time to take on new projects while trying to while trying to get exposure for yourself everywhere you can?

Tito Lopez: Right now I’m working on my next album. I’m tired of the word mixtape, when my last project (Y.O.U.) was an all original FREE ALBUM. I’m not sure if this next one will be free, but it’s definitely my best work. Don’t have a title yet. And I find time to make music cuz it’s what I do, and the only thing that’s important, contrary to what these folks tell you.

Tune2This: Your fans and supporters recognize that you are all about doing you, being a rapper first, speaking from the heart and not worrying about bullshit long-standing beefs, how do you convince the next million ears that is who you are and you are worth listening to when the stigma of being a southern rapper plagues you?

Tito Lopez: The stigma of being a southern rapper doesn’t plague me. I’m one of THE most respected in the game. They know my name. Especially the OG’s. And I get stopped every other day by a fan telling me I’ve changed their life or I’m one of their favorites, thank GOD All I ever wanted was respect.

Tune2This: Most people who only swim in the mainstream are exposed to these FM radio engineered, Dr. Seuss productions.  Do you believe that working with Dr. Dre, Outkast and the likes has got you on the right path to build a distinguished Tito Lopez monument big enough that it can’t be missed?

Tito Lopez: Absolutely. Stay tuned

Tune2This: What hurdles did you have to bound to get into the big show?

Tito Lopez: The biggest hurdle is where I’m from. Small city and not much support. I love all the people that do though. I don’t even really consider myself in the show though. I’m more of a nigga that will make a cameo in the show when he feels like it. U know the special guest that outshines the regular cast lol

Tune2This: Coming from Mississippi, what other than your pure confidence in your ability helped you break through the obstacles of being an intelligent lyrical rapper.

Tito Lopez: Shit…GOD. Good team, strong support system, great management, dope beats, my work ethic, positive energy, faith, and prayer. I think that sums it up.

Tune2This: In your biography at www.Titolopezofficial.com/biography/, it mentions that you were an outcast and got into fights often during highschool.  What is your opinion on bullying in this day and age? Do you think that the kids need to need to be deputies and stop it, or do you think it is not really a problem at all and its just an important part of character development?

Tito Lopez: I hate bullying and always have. It was always funny to me how people think they can decide if somebody is cool, lame, or whatever. The quiet person u thought was lame, most likely will end up outshining u in some way. I do truly believe though, that mean kids is a normal part of life. The world is trying to make everybody soft. If somebody fucks with u, whoop his ass and move on.

Tune2This: A common opinion of your fans is that you are underestimated, underrated and overlooked.  You often refer to yourself as the voice of the underdog, do you think that one day you will have to drop that description and rip the body armor off your chest with a king of the mountain challenge to the industry?

Tito Lopez: I don’t feel I have to challenge the industry because I’m in it. I just do my own thing. But I don’t want to be the Underdog forever, so I am looking forward to dropping that title. But I’ll always feel like one, and always speak for them. I’ll always be the voice.

Tune2This: On Sway’s Five Fingers of Death back in 2012 you shocked the world with your smooth, no hesitation flow.  Do you think that was a pivotal point in your career?

Tito Lopez: Already. I’ve gotten as much attention from that, as from my singles and mixtapes lol Thanx again to the big bro Sway

Tune2This: You’ve voiced your opinion of how you dislike how most artists primarily live their careers on facebook, twitter and other parts of the web.  How do your market yourself and still get the message out to big crowd?

Tito Lopez: I’m on all the social networking sites actually lol I don’t mind them, it’s just lame how people live their LIVES by that shit, not their careers. I was around when it was no internet, so I’ve seen life survive without it lol I want all of this shit to crash honestly, and I wanna see who can survive. They’ll be goin crazy. Sad.

Tune2This: You were signed to Capitol records back in June, 2012, a label not really known for its rapper line-up, do you feel like you get the same attention as their other artists?

Tito Lopez: Nope

Tune2This: Your videos so far have been akin to other southern artists tastes, like Nelly’s 2000 hit country grammar, representing your hometown, a little piece of you.  Ever thought of taking a more cinematic approach to your videos in the future?

Tito Lopez: Definitely. For the first couple though, I felt it was mandatory to show you one thing…Mississippi.

Tune2This: What’s your relationship with K.R.I.T?  The first time I heard Firewater 2, it was playing in a Mcdonalds around Christmas time 12:30 at night by the staff and the response from the dudes there was like, damn, we need some more from them two.

Tito Lopez: Krit is my patna most definitely. We met years ago, and got cool being on tour together. Just told him I had a joint for him the other day, so he’ll most likely be on my next project. I’m glad people like that song though. That was all Big Sant’s doing. S/O Multi Alumni.

Tune2This: Most of your hits seem to fall into a theme of a reflection of what made you who you are, is there a place you go to in your mind, go to in person or some kind of activity you do to get your lyrical ball rolling?

Tito Lopez: Different things. I like movies playing in the background while I write. Godfather, Do The Right Thing, Fade To Black, etc. Classics. Or cartoons. Sometimes need the weed, sometimes nothing but me and the beat.  The vibe can come at any time and once it does, it’s on. I used to always go the kid in the bedroom just tryna be heard, but now that I’ve been heard, I go to new methods of motivation within myself. If I wanna spit, I think about how slept on I am. And If I just wanna talk my shit, I think about what I’ve accomplished. But yea, all my songs are definitely personal. When it’s all said and done, ion want a bunch of songs that mean nothing, or I made for no damn reason, other than to be on the radio. I wanna inspire everybody to take what made you who you are, and use it.

Tune2This: When you were in your later teenage years what kind of setup did you have to produce your music?

Tito Lopez: As a teenager, my girl’s brother was doing all the beats and we used to to his crib and record. He had more shit than I can remember, but all I really need is the pro-tools, pre-amp, and a mic at da crib to get down now.

Tune2This: What advice could you give to a young artist that is trying to break out from the small time gigs and really make a career out of their talent?

Tito Lopez: Be about it, don’t talk about it. I got tons of mixtapes that came out before any of this started moving for me.

Tune2This: What did you do to get the funds to travel to cities like Miami, Detroit, and Los Angeles to learn the game and make connections? Any connections you hooked up with that held you back?  How did you deal with them?

Tito Lopez: Nothing or nobody ever held me back. It all makes me keep pushing. I actually got a song on the new tape called “Hold U Back” about not letting nothing hold u back. Period.

Tune2This: Any up-in-coming artists or anybody else that you have under your wing that you wanna give a shout out to?

Tito Lopez: Yea man shout out to my squad first and foremost, “G.P.T.” My boys Sincere and Jaamel, both incredible artists that were on my last project, my bro Landis who helps me with everything, and all the homies back home who support. They know who they are.

Tune2This: I appreciate your time as i know u are a busy artist!

Tito Lopez: Naw I appreciate you, thanx for the support.

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